Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mom, Can You Teach Me How To Knit?

Uhhhh Yeah!!!!

Let me back up. I live in a house full of boys. Five of them (if you include a husband and a dog). These boys of mine are obsessed with everything sports. Football, baseball, stats, team trades, etc. It's all they talk about. So as these boys of mine play and talk sports, I entertain myself with books, cooking and most importantly, knitting. I am always wishing my boys would take an interest in what I do, but sadly, I'm on my own.

BUT THEN!!!!!! A MIRACLE!!!!!!!!!!
Yesterday, while stopping by a new local yarn store, my oldest boy, asked me the question,
"Mom, can you teach me how to knit?" After a minor heart attack (ok, not that crazy, but seriously....) I JUMPED at this. YES! I would love to!!!! So I helped him pick out a nice light colored skein of wool, his own needles and we were on our way home to cast on. For those of you that know me and my boys, you can only imagine how excited I was about all of this. 

He wanted to make a hat, so I thought that it would be a good idea to cast on 90 stitches in the round. Let him master knitting and possibly end up with something. If all else failed, I could finish it off.
There is probably some fancy way of teaching kids to knit. Some handy little sayings to help them remember the steps. But I thought, he's smart. He can do it. So I taught him just like I teach the adults.
I warned him that it's not easy at first. Awkward to hold the yarn, blah blah blah. Just to keep him from getting upset it he didn't master it right away (he's like that). Well, within 5 stitches, he had it. His face was priceless when he realized that he did it on his own. (I was so happy)
He worked on his hat for two hours straight. The joy I had when he would stop and ask me for help, or to make sure he didn't drop a stitch...oh boy. This was exciting stuff.
Then my husband got home. He looked at us, smiled and laughed.
I think I stole his football catch partner. Well, at least for a few hours.

This is a close up picture of what he has knitted so far. Pretty good for a boy :)

I have to note that he doesn't want anyone at school to know that he learned to knit.  But he did give me full permission to post this online. I hope he keeps it up. It sure felt good to have my boy sitting next to me clicking away on his needles.



  1. I'll have Brady spin him some yarn to knit :)

  2. When I was getting back into knitting, I bought a wonderful book by Bernadette Murphy called Zen and the art of Knitting (I think). Anyway she tells about visiting Waldorf schools where kids learn to knit and practice it on a couple different grade levels as problem solving exercises. The girls and the boys all learn.

    I'd be so proud of my kids if they'd knit.

  3. That is awesome! What a good Mama you are.

  4. leanne,
    i love this. how funny! i know exactly how proud you were of your boy. he really does have it down! i had the same thing happen years ago, with my two youngest son and daughter, they were 8 and 10. they both wanted to learn so i taught them together. we still laugh over how my son took to it much eaiser than my girl. and he still likes to point out that he had better tension. ;)
    thank you for sharing this.