Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wednesday Yarn Along and a Rainbow

As soon as Rick left for work this morning, he called to tell us there was a huge full rainbow over the farm. So we all ran outside in our pjs and I got a few pictures to show you all today. It was beautiful! I think a barn full of alpacas at the end of a rainbow kicks a leprechaun's butt. 
But that's just my opinion.

I usually cry when I see this kind of thing. I think of MomMom. But I didn't today. Wow, I'm proud of myself. I'm weird. I know.

Onto the knitting.
Since Andee started her own blog and doesn't send me her knitting, I realize how little I accomplish and how much she does. She would fill this blog with her amazing knits and I would throw in a picture or two. Yikes. The pressure. So, sadly I don't have much to share. This baby of mine has decided that constant moving, pulling my yarn, teething, not sleeping at night and being silly is much more important than knitting. I'll have to have a talk with him.

So, here's what I have to share today.

For my knitting, Liz has dyed a ton of new yarn. It's beautiful. If you're around, you need to stop by to see it all. She had a small skein of this purple left so I knitted up a little hat to show a sample of the knitting. Please don't tell Chase that it's for girls.

For reading, I read an incredible book in two days last week for my book club.
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close was a great book. Nothing like I had expected. I thought it would be too sad to read but it wasn't. In a way it was uplifting and hopeful. 

I am still reading The Winter Sea and I also started The Winged Watchman. It's old, but a good friend of mine said it's a wonderful book that I would enjoy. It's a quick read, written at a very low reading level (just my speed right now!!!)

I'm still knitting that same gray hat and I put my orange sweater back in the mix. I need to pick this back up and keep going.
Our farm is open today from 10-4. Please stop by if you are around!
We have two new girls that joined the herd this week. They are sooooo pretty.
Farm store is open too. New yarn, new items in for Valentine's Day and the stove is on.

Have a wonderful week and Happy Knitting!



  1. The little baby hat is soooo cute!!!!!

    Love Leanne

  2. Adorable hat! And your header photo is just wonderful - those cute critters!

  3. oh wow! the rainbow! how lucky to see such a beautiful one. i love the hat, so darling! and the book reviews, i'm so glad to hear about them all. i want to see the movie now(and read the book).

  4. Ha, I just saw the comment by Gigi above. That is exactly what I was going to say. I do so love your header.

  5. We have the Winged book and need to start reading it! The hat is adorable.

  6. The hat is adorable! Makes the little one look like one of the little flower fairy babies. :)
    The Beauty of Eclecticism