Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday Yarn Along

Is it Wednesday already? Man oh man, the days fly by.
I have had sick little boys this past week. Hopefully they are all on the mend now that we have plenty of meds in them. Winter crud. Oh Joy.

I think Andee took my hint last week that my knitting has been pathetic so she joined in with me today. Thanks Andee!!!! Once again, amazing knits. Look at this gorgeous sweater she is knitting with gray baby alpaca yarn from our farm. It's so pretty in person. 

As for me, I have been reading more than knitting. My body has been aching so badly, elbow creaking, arthritis galore, yikes...I sound really old. I feel old. Can you feel this old at 33? grrr. So I gave my body a break with the knitting. I think it's just sleep deprivation that is getting the best of me.
I am redesigning my personal logo (I'm a graphic designer by day) and I am putting my work online to view in an online portfolio. So I got out some of my books that I have designed to photograph. Here's a little pile of some. I LOVE the MommyMD Guide books. I am the designer for this series and they are wonderful books. I'm so happy that they are being written and released now. Just in time for this part of my life with the baby. Right now I'm enjoying Baby's First Year.

 I started this cowl last night. Andee made it in a blue self striping yarn and it was heavenly. So I'm using a silver grey yarn from our store. 100% baby alpaca.
 I knitted up this little hat while waiting at the doctor's office yesterday. Dalton is sick, Chase was with MomMom and I had a whole 1 1/2 hours to knit. I finished it up when I got home. It's just a basic hat with 1x1 ribbing brim and a pompom on top. I added a crocheted edge (not easy for me AT ALL!!!) but I thought it looked cute with it. It's for sale in the showroom today! I thought it was the perfect Valentines Gift for a little babe.

 Here it is again in better lighting. The first pictures were taken this morning at 5:45 am. boooo. Chase man thought it was the time to wake up. So I entertained myself with a photo shoot.

 The book in this picture is another book I designed. It's a nice little book titled, Reflections, written by the late, Ardie Rodale. She was the owner of Rodale, Inc. (the company that I used to work for). It's a great company that publishes magazines like Prevention, Men's Health, Organic Gardening...all that good stuff. I was fortunate enough to get to know Ardie Rodale on a personal level when I worked closely with her to create this book. She was a really nice lady and she passed away a few years ago. This made me think of her. She would be so pleased to know that I had it out yesterday and flipped through to read some of her words.
And this is another little baby hat that I'm working on. Done in the same grey alpaca as the pompom hat. I don't really have a plan for it yet, but it's keeping me busy.

Our farm is open today from 10-6. So swing on by to pick up the perfect Valentines Gift for your loved ones!!!!

Happy Knitting!


  1. Oh, the baby hat is so cute - but not as cute as the baby!

  2. Oh, I love that little hat! Chase is so cute. The sweater is beautiful as well in that lovely yarn with those lovely cables.

    Cool that you designed that book series! I'll have to look for those.

  3. yes, very cool about the books! and such a cute baby in that very cute hat! i love andees sweater.

  4. What a cute little hat. The crochet edge does make it look oh so nice. And what a gorgeous sweater that will turn out to be at the top. I am just now learning cables, but one day...I will be doing a cabled sweater too. Thanks for the inspiration.