Friday, December 7, 2012

Why Knit?

I knit every day.
Maybe a few rows, sometimes hours at night, or maybe just a half hour weaving in ends.
I knit in the car at the bus stop.
I knit while I help my boys with homework.
I knit when we hang out at night to watch tv.
It relaxes me. It keeps me sane. It is a wonderful craft.

My boys play sports. So that lands me at the practice field a lot. I take my knitting with me. My pediatrician's office is always asking me what I'm working on. I knit in public....A LOT. People either smile, look at me with a confused look or are curious and start asking questions.

A comment I hear often is, "You must save so much money by knitting your own things." HAHAHAH!!! Clearly the haven't been in a yarn store. I always respond with, "This is my hobby. I love it and so I don't mind spending extra money on it. If I went to the GAP and bought a scarf it would be half the price, but it wouldn't have any meaning to it."

I am lucky enough to have parents that have an alpaca farm. I live next door and so I get to enjoy them every day. My sisters live very close by as well and we're all a part of the farm. We have a farm store here at the farm. In the store we sell beautiful things made with alpaca yarn. Part of the store is all hand made and the other half are things made in Peru (the native land of the alpacas).

Throughout the year, my sisters and I knit and crochet things to sell.
We sell most of our items in the colder months and at the holidays.
This keeps us busy, lets us make a little extra money and stocks the store.

When I knit for the store, I don't have a certain someone in mind. I just knit.
I knit what i would want to wear or something a little kid would look cute in.
It's different than knitting a gift for someone. 
I love what I'm knitting, but it doesn't have a personal story....yet.

I was away last weekend so I wasn't able to help in the store.
When I returned, I noticed that one of the bandana cowls I made had sold. 
I was happy someone bought it and would enjoy it.
 A few days later, a friend of my sisters told me that she had been in the store with her aunt.
Her aunt had previous throat surgeries and was left with many scars on her neck.
She saw my bandana cowl and knew it would be the perfect thing for her.
It would keep her warm and also hide her scars.
 And then, my bandana cowl had a story.

So not only does knitting keep me sane and happy, it helps others.
I feel so lucky that I have this craft in my life.
It connects people while providing comfort.

Why do you knit?

 (Bandana Cowl)

 Our farm store will be open this weekend and the next weekend
Friday & Saturday 10-4, Sunday 12-4

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