Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Yarn Along

Hi all!

It's that time of year when knitting becomes a job!!!!
Between trying to knit more inventory for the farm store and knitting the gifts for Xmas, my arms, shoulders and wrists are pooped! But I do love it. Knitting keeps me sane.

I finished reading Tell the Wolves I'm Home. Just as I was about to give up on it and put it down, it hooked me and I'm so happy I stuck with it. It was a story that will stay with me for a very long time.
Worth the read for sure! 

I started reading The Shoemakers Wife this week. It was recommended by a good friend that likes the same books as I do. So far I love it. 

I also picked up these two adorable childrens books. I thought I would give them as gifts to someone but I really think I may have to keep them! Have you read them??? The Hat story is my favorite. 
The knitting book is a gift for me. I bought it. My husband can give it to me. 
But in the meantime I'm using it :) I bought it at a friend's frame shop, The Great Pacific Frame Shoppe & Gallery in Point Pleasant. She's now carrying some Cascade Yarn and a few very cute books.

I'm knitting up some baby legwarmers for the store. Alternating rows of baby alpaca and fun alpaca sock yarn. The colors are the pits in my photos. sorry. early morning in my dining room doesn't make for good lighting!

 One done!

And this is another Moody Kerchief.
This one was knitted using bigger needles, malabrigo yarn from my stash and I also added a wooden toggle button. Love it. It fits great.

Now off to do some Xmas shopping......wish me luck!
Shopping with a toddler is no easy task I tell you!!!!!!

Happy Knitting


  1. Lovely knitting, those leg warmers are too cute!

  2. wow, those knits look wonderful! such beautiful colors. those children's books look great.

  3. I LOVE the Moody Kerchief! So pretty.