Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Yarn Along

Joining in with all the knitters out there for another yarn along.

I finished up the baby legwarmers so I thought I would share the final product.
Chase is modeling them here.

Ravelry link: Legwarmers

I'm also trying to finish up some Christmas knitting. I was hit with a stomach bug this weekend and I felt so lousy I couldn't even knit. Oh...the horror I know. That's how you know I'm really sick.
The kids have had it all too. They bounce back much quicker than the grown ups!

Here is the ravelry link for this project: Cowl

Watching the colors emerge is addicting. Taking me a while though because I'm not the quickest with holding two yarns at once. Slows me down a bit. But loving it. I have so many ideas for another one. I would love to use some of my mom's hand spun yarn along with a solid from our alpacas.

I'm still reading The Shoemaker's Wife. Not loving it, but it's ok.

Have a great week! Joining in with Ginny.

Happy Knitting


  1. those wee little leg warmers are so darn cute. and the colors in that cowl are just beautiful.

  2. Those legwarmers are amazing!! I think I would be tempted to borrow them for arm warmers. ;) We have had a stomach bug too, but I think we are all on the way to health again...fingers crossed we don't get anything else before Christmas!

  3. Aw, the legwarmers are so cute. ♥ And that cowl looks lovely!!!

  4. Two gorgeous and practical projects. Love the colours in the cowl and those leg warmers look very cosy.

    Enjoy dreaming of new combinations.