Friday, April 1, 2011

Arrow Acres Blog has come to life!

Posted by Leanne

Every morning I wake up, put on the coffee, make sure my two boys have some breakfast and then I sit down at my computer to read my favorite knitting blogs. It's a nice calm way to wake up and get a quick fix of yarn, knitting patterns and some inspiration for my upcoming day of design work. But what I have found over the past few months is that these little blogs have led me to other information such as, recipes, craft and activity ideas for my boys, books, animals, cute stories and some wonderful links to other knitters.

So.....I guess now it's our turn. My mom and dad have ventured into the world of alpaca farming. 8 beautiful alpacas joined our farm this past summer and we have been enjoying them ever since. Two more just joined the farm last month. I have two younger sisters, Andee (the middle one) and Liz (the youngest one). Through this blog, we all hope to post our ideas and tricks to anyone that is interested.

A quick intro about us:

My mom, Dee, is the animal caretaker. She takes care of the daily care of the she is the happiest lady you've ever seen to clean up alpaca poop!

My dad, Don, is the "pastures and fence" guy. If you need technical info about the farm, he's your man.

I am Leanne, a mom of two little boys ages 9 & 7 with another little baby boy due in July. I love to knit, teach friends to knit, garden, spend time with my family and I hope to post lots of great knitting projects and ideas on here.

Andee is a mom of two little boys, ages 3 & 2. She's the amazing photographer and knitting whiz in the family. She can knit at an amazing speed that boggles my mind.

Liz is the little one (all grown up of course) and mom to one new little puppy, Finn. She is the spinner, carder and crocheter in the family.

We are all happily married and we have even gotten the husbands involved in the farm. They all pitched in with building the fences and creating the homes for the alpacas.

I hope you enjoy reading the daily happenings of our farm!!!

Happy Knitting,

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