Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday Yarn Along

Happy Wednesday!

Baby watch continues on the farm. My mom and my sister, Liz, went to a birthing clinic in Martha's Vineyard over the weekend. So they are ready and prepared for our little crias! Hopefully they will write something about it this week on the blog. In the spirit of new babies, I will share some baby projects I have done for my baby on the way. I just started a baby hat using tan alpaca yarn, but not much to show yet so pictures will come next week.

On and Off Leanne's Needles:

Baby Kimono Style Sweater
Made with 100% alpaca yarn
Ravelry link:

Baby Hooded Cardigan
Made with Cascade Superwash Yarn hand-dyed by Liz
Ravelry Link:
Buttons are from etsy

On and Off Andee's Needles:

Original Pattern by Andee:
Lace wt / 2 ply
Alpaca 10 % synthetic cashmere
Yarn is from our beautiful Momma, Melody


Same hat in Black
Berroco Comfort Knitting Worsted Weight
50% Super Fine Nylon
50% Super Fine Acrylic

Liz at Work

Liz has been busy learning how to birth an here is a picture of her spinning from the fall. I hope we have inspired you to knit and create this week!

What are you working on? Leave us a comment.

Happy Knitting,
Leanne, Andee and Liz

And of course, pictures of some alpacas...
Sanda and Awan

Kal and Awan
Our handsome fiber boys



  1. The blue cardigan is stunning! Beautiful work!

  2. Your alpaca's are so cute and fuzzy I wish I could just run up and hug them! Love the baby knitting too.