Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Baby Watch!

I talked to Mom (AKA Alpaca Mama) and it is official, we are on baby watch for Star!

Her due date is Mid-May, and she usually has her babies within a two week range (a week early or a week late), but we get to start baby watch 45 days before the due date!

If you don't know much about alpaca births (which I am going to assume that most of you do not!), there are some interesting facts!

A very high percentage of alpacas have their babies roughly from 7AM-2PM. Most of the alpacas who do not deliver within this time frame have something wrong with the birthing process; there is a problem with the baby or the mom. (Mom and I will be attending an alpaca birthing clinic next weekend in Martha's Vineyard... we should be experts afterwards!) We have also learned that most alpaca moms have their babies on their own with no assistance.

We are hoping for easy, uneventful births, and to be able to look out into the field one morning and see a little ball of fuzz next to Star, and a few weeks later next to Melody! *We will have an abundance of pictures to post when they arrive!!!*

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  1. This should be fun to 'watch' as I know nothing about alpaca's.