Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunsets and Strawberries

While my parents were out at the Harrisburg Show, I was home enjoying the herd. On my walk home from the night time feeding, I was blown away by the beautiful sunset. This is a picture of the old barn and the big black walnut tree.

Another picture I wanted to share was of the awesome strawberries my boys and I found at A&P. This may not be exciting to anyone but us, but they were HUGE and delicious!!!! Just gave me a little taste of the summer berries that will be growing soon. Tossing them with some Cool Whip tonight. Tomorrow's weather forecast is 75 degrees! Turn the fans on Mom! Alpacas will be needing it. I hope the warmth lasts more than a day.
We all need some outside playtime around here.

The wood cutting board in the background is made by Liz and Nick...another Mayo Lane creation!

Hope you had a good weekend. Enjoy your week!

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