Saturday, April 9, 2011


It's a beautiful sunny Saturday, and Mom and Dad are on their way out to MAPACA (a very big alpaca show in PA. They won't be showing any of our animals, just going for the fun of it)

We're hoping that all of our friends who will be showing their animals do very well this weekend!

Now for a little inspiration....

I have been having a hard time getting inspired to crochet anything for the past few weeks.
It's time that I come up with a fun project... but what to make?! Spring/Summer projects are difficult for me to come up with because I tend to make a lot of scarves and hats in the winter. I love to make blankets, so maybe I will have to come up with a fun idea for a new blanket.

What inspires you in the warmer months, and what kind of projects do you make?


  1. I knitting nest and eggs! Just a little something fun.

  2. I like to take this time of year to challenge myself with difficult patterns. I tend to make a ton of headbands. I try different patterns that range from 7 to 21 stitches. By the time the project measures the size of a headband I have the pattern mastered. Right now I'm working on things that would be nice to wear at a Patio Bar at cocktail hour. Come on summer!!!!

  3. Maybe i will try to make something with the beautiful cotton yarn i have laying around (don't tell the alpacas!)