Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happiness is a Home Filled with Yarn

Yesterday my mother brought me the yarn from the alpacas so I could see it. She was supposed to come back and pick it up, but she got tied up and was not able to make it back. So I couldn't resist getting some of the yarn on my needles.

This yarn is a combination of three alpacas: Star, Melody & Kal. I was inspired by the use of three alpacas fiber to make one yarn. So I designed the scarf above. It is a very rich deep color. The yarn is 70 % alpaca "Star, Melody & Kal" / 30% merino- black and brown

Spicy's yarn is 70% alpaca (Spicy) / 30% merino

2 ply chunky

It is absolutely gorgeous. I hope she makes lots of offspring with the same fiber.

I purchased 7,000 meters of baby alpaca yarn. This yarn is not from the farms alpacas, but I will use it for Christmas gifts and items for the farm store Holiday Open House. I am in heaven right now.

Happy Knitting-


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  1. That soft brown colour in the middle photos is divine!