Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hot Date

Well, this weekend our girl Melody headed out to Abenaki for her big date. Hopefully all went well and she'll be having another baby for us. Four of the five girls that were bred in the summer are pregnant. Melody is the only one that didn't get "knocked up".
Sorry no other way I can put it.

The two girls that were bought at auction will also be having babies with Melody.
So three fall babies will join the herd next year (fingers crossed)

Here are some pictures of the crew. Haven't posted many lately. Seems like knitting has taken over this blog!

(Baby Bing is getting so big)

(That's Geneva on the left. She's my favorite girl)

(Little Wea is a moose)

Knitting, knitting, knitting while watching football and taking care of my boys.
Secret Santa project is officially on the needles :)
And heading to headquarters for some skinny hamburgers tonight. Yum.

Have a great week.


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