Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wednesday Yarn Along

Happy Wednesday All :)
Sweater weather is officially here. I love this time of year.

Joining in once again with Ginny's Yarn Along.

Reading: Before I Go To Sleep
Showing off my finished (FINALLY!!!!) Bluebell Peasy Cardigan

Once again, my sister is a knitting machine.
This is what she did this week:

The Scarf
100% baby alpaca yarn

Grace Hat

Enjoy your week and happy knitting!

And in case you missed the post yesterday, check it out here....
The Cover
Andee's award winning photo of her son, Shea walking Sanda the alpaca is on the cover of Alpaca Magazine. It's so exciting!!!!!!!!!



  1. you gals are knitting machines! i LOVE the colors in that scarf and the cardigan...i dream of knitting anything remotely as beautiful!


  2. p.s. looks like i might be headed to PA for thanksgiving...any chance the kids and i can come visit the farm??? ;)


  3. I think you all are knitting machines and everything looks so pretty! I saw the cover yesterday, congratulations! xx

  4. 1. I thought your book title was describing the time you were doing your reading. LOL

    2. You are all knitting machines. Everything looks lovely. LOVE the blue sweater!

    3. It's very exciting to see the picture make the cover of the magazine. Even for us on the periphery of your farm. Congrats!

  5. Oh, I love alpacas! Lovely work, too.

  6. That is a beautiful sweater. It is in my ravelry favorites. Now I may have to bump it up.

  7. Ann, love that you thought the title of the book was when I was reading. Turns out it's both.

    Thank for you all the comments! I love reading them.