Monday, October 31, 2011

Pot Roast...It's What's for Dinner and other weekend randoms

 My mom and I are famous for doing a lot of the same things...back in the day that we used to shop together all the time, we would be across the store from each other and hold up the exact same thing at the same time. So when I called her on Saturday to see if I could borrow her dutch oven so I could make a pot roast it wasn't a surprise when my dad told me she already had her pot roast going. Shocker. But my dad came through and had a secret dutch oven ready for hunting camp in the garage that I was able to borrow. I also have to note, that I went to A&P and there were 6 other people picking out a pot roast. It was a cold, windy, rainy day here at the shore and it was pot roast weather.

I stayed in most of the weekend. The weather was terrible and honestly, I am pooped out. We didn't have a game (yeah!) to truck off to so we stayed in. So I don't have much to show for the alpaca world, but there is a bit of knitting thrown in there. 

October comes to a close today and my boys were sporting some breast cancer awareness at school last Friday. They wore pink proudly (well sort of) for their Nannie. She's been cancer free for 15 years now.

 A random picture of my little man cuddling his buddy. He needs to start sleeping.........

 This picture shows what I did on Sunday. I am one of two people left in a football survivor pool. The games were ridiculously close yesterday and frankly, I don't enjoy it. I'm a fan of football. I love to watch it on tv with my family. I love to root for my Giants. But i was forced to root against the Giants and Pray for a win from the Ravens. Stressful. I don't like it!!! (although I may sing a different tune if I win this thing!!!!) Anyway, I handled the stress by KNITTING. Again, shocker. I knit so much that I forgot to check the length of the sweater and it was almost a dress for the boy it is being knit for. 
My family had a very good time teasing me about my reaction to these games. 

p.s. I look happy in this photo, but I was freaking.

 And today is Halloween. So HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!
It is one of my favorite holidays and sadly, my two older boys are not feeling well. Ugh. So, once again, we may be sick for this holiday. But the costumes are made, so we'll figure something out.

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