Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday Yarn Along

Joining in again this week with Ginny over at Small Things...sharing a bit of knitting and reading for the week. I am a girl that works well with a deadline, pressure, short get the gist. So this little Wednesday yarn along post has become the best thing for me. Not that I need motivation for knitting (seriously, I should put it down every now and then) but it motivates me to organize my thoughts (often difficult these days) and it makes me THINK about what I'm working on. I'm back in the reading groove again too. Ahhhh....nothing like a good book. And I'm so happy to report that I have read two fantastic books in a row! Before I Go to Sleep was soooooo good and I just read Olive Kitteridge this week for Book Club. Loved Olive too. I was sad to have it end.

This week, I just casted on this little hooded sweater in baby alpaca yarn. It will be a gift for a baby that is due very soon. I am reading, When We Were Strangers. It got 5 stars on amazon, so my fingers are crossed that it's another good one.

I finished up the little Fall Vest for Chase. I started it last week and finished it up right away. This is a great little knit and he has already worn it a few times. Love that squishy Spud and Chloe sweater yarn!!! Buttons are from Joann Fabric.

And I just had to share this picture. Yes, it's blurry, but that's Chase waking up from his nap sporting his orange sweater that FINALLY have toggles attached. I love the way he stretches so big when he's waking up...and his arms and his little blanket buddy's arms are in the same position. Funny.

The weather turned here this morning. Dark and chilly with rain. Good day to knit....

Andee has her very own blog now. She got mad at our blog because she was having trouble posting and making comments. So she started one of her own. Hopefully she'll still send me pictures to put on here! She's the knitting machine and makes us look good.
Andee is using the blog to help with her son's speech delay and other kids that may have the same issues. She documents things with her camera and it helps with his speech development. So check her out when you can...

UPDATE: Andee sent me some pictures. Yippee! Makes me look better :)
She knits at warp speed.
So here's what Andee has to share with us today:

#1- Hat-
dark gray alpaca yarn

#2- Awan Hat-
made with yarn I washed, carded, and spun on a drop spindle.
This is not a child size hat, but Shea was enjoying wearing it.
(the fiber is from Awan the alpaca)

#3- Welted Hat
made with Eco Baby Alpaca Yarn, dark gray

#4- Fiber Art Project
I am working on a project for a competition. It has a bunch of different parts, but here is a sneak peek.

Happy Knitting!


  1. I was not able to make comments on this blog and I couldn't figure out why and I have wanted to start a blog for my photography. So "Match the Pictures" is for my photography and other nonsense not related to the farm. I will still have my yarn along items on this blog (Leanne just didn't get my email in time this morning to get it posted). She'll get it posted later today.

  2. I do believe I'll join the Yarnalong today and round up my book and vest for the party. I love the orange sweater and the little vest. It's nice to have a small person to knit for and see things get finished.

  3. Yeah Ann! Join the yarnalong party :) I love knitting for the baby. It's finished so quickly!

  4. Oh, that boy of yours is so adorable, Leanne! I love the vest and the orange sweater. The new project you're working on looks beautiful too. Love the twist of color.

    Wow! Andee really is a knitting machine. I love all of those hats.

  5. Oh what lovely baby knits, and hats, and everything! And what a cute baby too :) The hand spun hat is rather lovely as well.

  6. Beautiful knitting as always! Amazed at both of your projects and the speed you get things finished! Adorable baby shots too!

  7. That vest is fantastic. And I love the pumpkin jacket. I recognised the DB ribbed jacket - made it last year for one of my girls x

  8. Love YOUR knitting and Andees too! what a cute little guy...