Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Baby Needs a Knitted Nose Warmer!

We went to the most wonderful kid Xmas party on Sunday night. The neighbors at the top of the hill host an amazing party where Santa lands in a helicopter. Yeah, it's that cool. So we headed up the hill to have some Christmas fun.

After taking a look at my pictures, I think Chase needs a knitted nose warmer!!!

 Check out my mom in all her alpaca gear. She enjoyed her own store after the sale was over.
 Dalton enjoying the petting zoo that was brought in. Very cute critters!

A knitted nose warmer would be very funny. I think he needs one. Don't you?
Hey, you can do what ever you want with them until they form an opinion.

For much better pictures of this event, visit Andee's blog. Match the Pictures.

Enjoy your day! -Leanne

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