Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wednesday Yarn Along

Happy Wednesday to all! It's only a few days until Christmas. I can't believe it!

I am joining in with Ginny at Small Things and all the other amazing knitters out there for this week's yarn along. I thank everyone that pops over here from her website. I enjoy everyone's yarn alongs so much. I could spend hours looking at everyone's projects!

During this time of year, I quickly realize that all my great ideas and good intentions have blown away with the wind. The projects that seemed so wonderful in July are still on needles in December. I really need to remember this next year. Christmas knitting needs to begin December 26th for the following year. And when I feel overwhelmed, a bit crazy, tired and cranky.....instead of finishing up the knitting that should get done, I pick up a new book at the local bookstore and shove my nose in it.

Reading Mrs. Kimble. I started reading it, and I remember parts of this. So I'm not sure if I've already read it and forgot (totally possible) or if I started it at a store to see if I liked it and put it down.  And my 5 month old is excited about books now. He would most like to chew on them, but it's fun to get out the old classic books. Garrett has been reading Goodnight Gorilla to him at night. Very cute.

 This is the pile of my knitting and reading. It pretty much sums up my head right now too. Too many things, ideas, lists, and everything else going on!!!!
 Baby alpaca cabled hat in the works...
 Fake cabled cowl...still needs the pearls.
 New yarn :) 
I lost my Hurricane Hat. I think it's living in a parking lot at a Freehold Township Little League Field. So I need to replace it. I treated myself to some new Quince & Co puffin yarn. I decided to do it in a new color. It matches my eyes.
 Chase's cabled sweater will be done for after Christmas.
And my books...

I want to wish all you knitters out there a wonderful Christmas! I hope you all have time to do what you love, with the people you love and to share good laughs, music, good eats and happiness.

Please visit Andee on her blog. Her knitting is once again amazing and her pictures are beautiful.

Merry Christmas!!!!



  1. Wow - you have a lot of wips and they all look awesome!

    Merry Christmas and Happy Knitting!

  2. i really like that green alot. have a wonderful christmas. :)

  3. Beautiful knitting...I love the cables everywhere. I'm looking for patterns to make myself a hat, I love the color of yarn you have there.