Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wednesday Yarn Along

Howdy All.
Thanks for joining us for the Wednesday Yarn Along.
I'm posting a bit late, but as I told my dad, I took my pictures early this morning. Doesn't that count? Guess not unless you post! He called me earlier to ask me if  I knew what day it was :)

I took this picture the other day. There was a rainbow over the alpaca field. Not the greatest picture, but you get the hint. I always think of MomMom when I see rainbows...and one over the alpaca field, well...that brought tears to my eyes. (I'm the emotional  daughter by the way. I cry at everything)

 Leanne's Knits this week:

I started this hat last night after my husband demanded that I knit HIM something. Ok dear...a hat it will be. This is with our farm blend alpaca yarn and some Cascade alpaca. Shortly after I took this photo, I ripped it out. I didn't like the stripes for a grown man. So I think it's just going to be dark brown. For the book, I'm giving this to my 11 year old niece for Christmas and I'm getting a kick out of it. It's The Guide Book to Being a Goddess. She's going to love it!

 Chase's Christmas Sweater is getting there. The back panel is done. Now onto the front. Can it be done in time? Ugh. Not a fan of deadline knitting. Starts to feel like a job.
 This cowl is so comfy. Not sure who it's going to yet, but I'm going to sew up the cables and add little sparkly pearl beads to it. Again, deadline knitting.......
 And this ball of yarn...oh this poor ball of yarn. Hand dyed by me...began it's life as a herringbone cowl but got ripped out. It was WAY too thick and I need much bigger needles. I DON'T normally rip anything out. And here in this post, I've ripped twice. Odd.

Andee has her own blog going and I know that a lot of readers have popped over to her lately. She didn't have time to resize her pictures and send to me for this week's yarn along, so I want to give you a link to her blog. She has amazing knits over there and lots of great posts about her family.

So check her out over at Match the Pictures.

In totally unrelated news, my fourth grade boy came home from school and told me that the classes have been divided into their volleyball tournament teams. He was out sick yesterday and was not involved in the team naming process. So, he is now on the "Magenta Flying Squirrels" team. And the other team is named "Uncle Frank". Gotta love little kids. 

Happy Holidays all! And Happy Knitting!

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