Monday, October 31, 2011

Pot Roast...It's What's for Dinner and other weekend randoms

 My mom and I are famous for doing a lot of the same things...back in the day that we used to shop together all the time, we would be across the store from each other and hold up the exact same thing at the same time. So when I called her on Saturday to see if I could borrow her dutch oven so I could make a pot roast it wasn't a surprise when my dad told me she already had her pot roast going. Shocker. But my dad came through and had a secret dutch oven ready for hunting camp in the garage that I was able to borrow. I also have to note, that I went to A&P and there were 6 other people picking out a pot roast. It was a cold, windy, rainy day here at the shore and it was pot roast weather.

I stayed in most of the weekend. The weather was terrible and honestly, I am pooped out. We didn't have a game (yeah!) to truck off to so we stayed in. So I don't have much to show for the alpaca world, but there is a bit of knitting thrown in there. 

October comes to a close today and my boys were sporting some breast cancer awareness at school last Friday. They wore pink proudly (well sort of) for their Nannie. She's been cancer free for 15 years now.

 A random picture of my little man cuddling his buddy. He needs to start sleeping.........

 This picture shows what I did on Sunday. I am one of two people left in a football survivor pool. The games were ridiculously close yesterday and frankly, I don't enjoy it. I'm a fan of football. I love to watch it on tv with my family. I love to root for my Giants. But i was forced to root against the Giants and Pray for a win from the Ravens. Stressful. I don't like it!!! (although I may sing a different tune if I win this thing!!!!) Anyway, I handled the stress by KNITTING. Again, shocker. I knit so much that I forgot to check the length of the sweater and it was almost a dress for the boy it is being knit for. 
My family had a very good time teasing me about my reaction to these games. 

p.s. I look happy in this photo, but I was freaking.

 And today is Halloween. So HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!
It is one of my favorite holidays and sadly, my two older boys are not feeling well. Ugh. So, once again, we may be sick for this holiday. But the costumes are made, so we'll figure something out.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday Yarn Along

Happy Wednesday!
Joining in with Ginny at Small Things for the big yarn along.

I keep trying to come up with something witty and cute to write. But my brain hurts. This little baby of mine needs to start sleeping more than 2 hours at a clip at night. He's a sweet little thing...but mama's tired!!!

Ok, I feel better that I wrote that.

Now on to knitting....and reading....

On and Off Leanne's needles:

I'm still working on the little hooded cardigan for a family friend's new baby.
Samuel Len Furtner was born last Saturday. So this little baby alpaca sweater is for him. I better start knitting more!

More rows were done on my "Squan Sweater". I had intended on making this for the fall to wear at Manasquan Football games. Oops. Season is almost over. Sweater is not done. Oh well.

A little gift...

And what I'm reading:
The library called me this week with a pile of books that I requested. I love libraries :)
Reading Tiger's Wife. I've been so tired lately that I only read a few pages at a time, but so far it's very good and very well written.
The rest are knitting books and a little book about encouraging my boys to write.
Very interesting so far.

Now, Andee (the knitting machine) has made some more AMAZING knits.
Seriously Andee, do you sleep?

Handspun Alpaca Yarn

Original Hat with alpaca yarn
(Please note that she said in her email to me that she started this LAST NIGHT.
LAST NIGHT PEOPLE! SERIOUSLY?????) And she wrote the pattern....just sayin'.

And she finished this beautiful braided scarf made from the yarn of three of our alpacas.
Oh...and she wrote the pattern for this too...

I hope you all have time to knit and read this week!

Happy Knitting

Monday, October 24, 2011

2011 Empire Alpaca Extravaganza

Dee, Don and Liz attended the 2011 Empire Alpaca Extravaganza in Syracuse, New York this weekend. They did not take any alpacas with them, but they did come home with 2 first place ribbons, 1 third place ribbon and 1 Judges Choice Award. Four ribbons in all for photography!

First Place & Judges Choice: "The Alpaca & The Praying Mantis"

Category: Black & White

Photographer: Andee Fagan

Third Place: "Look at the Pretty Leaves"

Category: Computer Enhanced

Photographer: Andee Fagan

First Place: "Do You Really Need to Take That Picture?" Wea's first poop

Category: Humor

Photographer: Don Sherman

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happiness is a Home Filled with Yarn

Yesterday my mother brought me the yarn from the alpacas so I could see it. She was supposed to come back and pick it up, but she got tied up and was not able to make it back. So I couldn't resist getting some of the yarn on my needles.

This yarn is a combination of three alpacas: Star, Melody & Kal. I was inspired by the use of three alpacas fiber to make one yarn. So I designed the scarf above. It is a very rich deep color. The yarn is 70 % alpaca "Star, Melody & Kal" / 30% merino- black and brown

Spicy's yarn is 70% alpaca (Spicy) / 30% merino

2 ply chunky

It is absolutely gorgeous. I hope she makes lots of offspring with the same fiber.

I purchased 7,000 meters of baby alpaca yarn. This yarn is not from the farms alpacas, but I will use it for Christmas gifts and items for the farm store Holiday Open House. I am in heaven right now.

Happy Knitting-



I got the call from my mom yesterday...."OUR YARN IS HERE!!!!"

In the year that we have had the alpacas, we have had one shearing. Some of the yarn that we have from our animals was from their previous farm or some that we (as in my mom and sisters) have washed, carded and spun. So, this yarn and roving is the first batch from our shearing day and our animals. I have been anxiously awaiting this moment. I know that the alpacas on this farm are of high quality, super personalities, beautiful to look at and fun to hang out with, but what would their yarn look like?

Well, it's here and it's wonderful.
Spicy, you take the prize. Your yarn is the most beautiful rose grey, oatmeal, tan, fabulous, beautiful yarn that I have ever seen. We had all of the yarn mixed with 30% merino wool. I love that blend because it gives the yarn memory and stands up to holding the stitch.

Spicy's yarn

That's Spicy

Brown yarn- blend of a few animals

Roving....lots of it. Get spinning!

I love these alpacas, I really do. Can we get 10 more Spicys on the farm?
I would like to knit a huge Spicy blanket :)

Happy Yarning

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday Yarn Along

Joining in again this week with Ginny over at Small Things...sharing a bit of knitting and reading for the week. I am a girl that works well with a deadline, pressure, short get the gist. So this little Wednesday yarn along post has become the best thing for me. Not that I need motivation for knitting (seriously, I should put it down every now and then) but it motivates me to organize my thoughts (often difficult these days) and it makes me THINK about what I'm working on. I'm back in the reading groove again too. Ahhhh....nothing like a good book. And I'm so happy to report that I have read two fantastic books in a row! Before I Go to Sleep was soooooo good and I just read Olive Kitteridge this week for Book Club. Loved Olive too. I was sad to have it end.

This week, I just casted on this little hooded sweater in baby alpaca yarn. It will be a gift for a baby that is due very soon. I am reading, When We Were Strangers. It got 5 stars on amazon, so my fingers are crossed that it's another good one.

I finished up the little Fall Vest for Chase. I started it last week and finished it up right away. This is a great little knit and he has already worn it a few times. Love that squishy Spud and Chloe sweater yarn!!! Buttons are from Joann Fabric.

And I just had to share this picture. Yes, it's blurry, but that's Chase waking up from his nap sporting his orange sweater that FINALLY have toggles attached. I love the way he stretches so big when he's waking up...and his arms and his little blanket buddy's arms are in the same position. Funny.

The weather turned here this morning. Dark and chilly with rain. Good day to knit....

Andee has her very own blog now. She got mad at our blog because she was having trouble posting and making comments. So she started one of her own. Hopefully she'll still send me pictures to put on here! She's the knitting machine and makes us look good.
Andee is using the blog to help with her son's speech delay and other kids that may have the same issues. She documents things with her camera and it helps with his speech development. So check her out when you can...

UPDATE: Andee sent me some pictures. Yippee! Makes me look better :)
She knits at warp speed.
So here's what Andee has to share with us today:

#1- Hat-
dark gray alpaca yarn

#2- Awan Hat-
made with yarn I washed, carded, and spun on a drop spindle.
This is not a child size hat, but Shea was enjoying wearing it.
(the fiber is from Awan the alpaca)

#3- Welted Hat
made with Eco Baby Alpaca Yarn, dark gray

#4- Fiber Art Project
I am working on a project for a competition. It has a bunch of different parts, but here is a sneak peek.

Happy Knitting!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hot Date

Well, this weekend our girl Melody headed out to Abenaki for her big date. Hopefully all went well and she'll be having another baby for us. Four of the five girls that were bred in the summer are pregnant. Melody is the only one that didn't get "knocked up".
Sorry no other way I can put it.

The two girls that were bought at auction will also be having babies with Melody.
So three fall babies will join the herd next year (fingers crossed)

Here are some pictures of the crew. Haven't posted many lately. Seems like knitting has taken over this blog!

(Baby Bing is getting so big)

(That's Geneva on the left. She's my favorite girl)

(Little Wea is a moose)

Knitting, knitting, knitting while watching football and taking care of my boys.
Secret Santa project is officially on the needles :)
And heading to headquarters for some skinny hamburgers tonight. Yum.

Have a great week.