Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Yarn Along and some new babies!

Guess what?!!!! Lizzie is in labor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yippee! Please send good thoughts, prayers and happy smiles to her  and Nick today. I hope all goes smoothly and this little no name baby boy enters this world calmly, healthy and happy, screaming and pink :) Ohhhhh boooooyyy I'm so excited. I LOVE new babies!!!!!!

And in other baby news, our amazing mom alpaca, Melody, delivered an adorable little girl cria yesterday around noon.

Isn't she beautiful? Mychrona and Lilly were such sweet aunts and wouldn't leave her alone.
We're very happy to have a little girl. It's what we hoped for.

 Doesn't every pregnant girl sit in an alpaca field?!!! Now it's her turn!
 Chase managed to open the fence gate during the birth. Like I said, Trouble.

 Up and walking in no time!
 The herd comes to meet her.
 The Bean Queen looking on....breathing a sigh of relief.

And now onto the Yarn Along this week:

I am still reading Cutting For Stone. I LOVE it.
I started knitting a beret using hand dyed alpaca yarn that Liz made.
I am hoping to sell this in the farm store. I can just see it on one of the beautiful Spring Lake women that buy from us.

Don't forget to check out the other yarn alongs over at Ginny's site.

I will keep you updated on Liz and the baby!

I just realized that I used an obscene amount of !!!! in this post. I'm a bit excited, so I think it's ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Knitting


  1. YAY LIZZIE!!! I'm thinking of her and wishing her an easy delivery. Can't wait to hear the baby boy's name!

  2. Aww, babies everywhere! Not helping me ignore the fact that my youngest is a toddler in every way now... ;) I found you through the link up, I'm sharing toddler leg warmers and my mama scarf this week. Happy knitting!

  3. I love all the alpacas! Especially the baby! You take such lovely pictures :)