Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Yarn Along

Happy Wednesday!

Last week I was posting and Liz was in labor. Well, this week, we are blessed to have the most adorable little baby boy in our family. If you haven't already, check out my recent posts and enjoy the pictures of this little guy. He is sooo cute. And notice the beautiful blanket he is swaddled in. Liz crocheted it with her own hand-dyed alpaca yarn and gray baby alpaca yarn. So sweet. Maybe I'll have her link up some day with the pattern for anyone that crochets.

Here is my more recent knitting/reading endeavors.

I'm still reading Cutting For Stone. I love it, just don't have much time to sit and read. It's a the kind of book that you really need to sit and have a long time to read at once. My crazy 14 month old doesn't think that is a very good idea. Ho Hum.

Received two new magazines in the mail today, so that will be my reading as of today.
I just started this little Heartwarmer shawl in rose grey baby alpaca yarn.
So sweet. I have the perfect buttons to go with it when I'm done.
Ravelry link here

I finished up the purple beret from the Purl Bee website. That site is awesome. I wish I had time to make everything on it.  This hat was easy. Took a little long for me because it was done on small needles, but I'm happy with how it came out. It doesn't look very good on me, but I can see it on someone with short hair. 

Ravelry link here
The yarn is alpaca finger weight hand dyed by Liz. The yarn is for sale at our farm.

And a simple baby hat. It's a  6-12 month size. Knitted with white and gray baby alpaca yarn. I'm going to see if Liz can crochet a flower for it. I have a fun button I would like to put in the middle of it to jazz it up.  This hat will be for sale on our Farm Days, Sept 29th and 30th.
 So soft and comfy for baby.

Don't forget to check out all the other knitter's work over at Ginny's blog.

Happy Knitting!


  1. your knitting is so pretty leanne, i love the simple baby hat. i think i need to add some alpaca to my stash soon, whenever i see yours it looks so beautiful!

  2. The baby hat looks so soft and comfy, thanks for sharing your lovely knitting x

  3. Oh, I love food magazines - wish I had a new one to read now ;)
    Beautiful knitting.

  4. So jealous that you get to knit with all that pretty alpaca yarn. ;-)

  5. ♥ I see Lori commented, your post reminds me of her. Beautiful work!

  6. Your beret is very clever, as you can only really appreciate the lovely colours in the final picture!

  7. I love both hats! They yarn looks wonderfully cozy. :) This week I'm sharing a sneak peek of the Sunday Sweater I'm test knitting for Ginny. Stop by if you have a moment!

  8. Oh, I love the beret! I've knit quite a few hats, but never a beret - must add that to my "to knit list". :-)