Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Yarn Along

My house is silent right now.
The big kids went to school an hour ago. Chase fell asleep for an early nap (which NEVER happens).
I have a million things I should be doing right now. Working, cleaning up breakfast, laundry, making beds, straightening up but I think I'll just enjoy these few QUIET moments and do this.
My older boys headed off to school. I have to admit, I get a pang of jealousy every year on the first day back. I loved school. I loved seeing friends again, learning new things, new folders, new desk, meeting the new teacher. And this comes from a girl that HATES change. But I did love the first days of school. (I'm a nerd, I know) 
My oldest started 5th grade today. That is the highest grade in their school.
He also managed to get the back seat on the school bus this morning.
I'm sure he is very excited about this. My middle guy starts 3rd grade. I have such good memories of that grade. I hope they both have great years.
My husband is a high school principal at the local high school and today was their first day with students. I spoke to him earlier this morning and he said it everything went great. Kids were in, teachers are happy and classes have begun. Good start :)

Anyway, I am joining in with the yarn along again today.
Sharing what I'm knitting and reading these days.
I finished up the baby alpaca cardigan. I'm waiting on the buttons I ordered from etsy.
I think I'll ask Lizzie to make a crochet flower for it too. I think it needs a little something to make it extra special. I will be selling this in our farm store. I wish we had a little girl to give it to, but we only know how to make boys in this family.

Ravelry Notes here

 I just started a new Graham Slouch Hat. This time in white baby alpaca.
This is a link to the one I made a few weeks ago if you're interested in the pattern.
Again, I'm hoping to sell these in the farm store.

And my reading is Cutting For Stone. I feel like I'm on an adventure. It's an amazing book so far.

And last but not least, the good ol' back to school picture :)
Chase put his fancy big kid clothes on to fit in well.

We'll miss having them around to play with during the day, but this quiet house is a dream right now.
Doesn't baby Chase look sad? Awe.

Happy Knitting!


  1. love your little sweet! A flower would be a great touch!!

  2. The baby cardigan is so sweet ... love the color. I started back to school (working for the superintendent) 2 weeks ago and my boys (12th and 9th grade) just started yesterday. It's been go, go, go ever since. I'd love to send everyone out the door so I could stay home alone. :) Have a great day! Tammy

  3. The cardigan is so cute. I'll have to make one for my new niece. I'd like to think I could get a picture of my boys standing in front of the house smiling before they both go to school, but somehow I don't expect smiles.

  4. That is a truly adorable sweater.

  5. Oh, that cardigan looks beautiful...and alpaca....soft!!! ♥ Your slouch hat is coming along nicely.

  6. I love the sweet!! And the alpaca looks so soft and yummy! It truly is my favorite fiber to work with!

    I have that book on my shelf and I need to read it!! Heard soo many wonderful things about it!

  7. I hope the school day went as well as it began! I loved the start of the new term, too. I still get that September feeling, even though now it's my son that's going and not me.
    Your knitting is beautiful - alas, no girls here either...

  8. That little grey sweater is just darling!