Sunday, November 11, 2012

After the Storm

Lately I have found myself saying, "Before the hurricane" or "After the hurricane"

It was such a big event around here. It's weird to think about it.
Life has changed. Slowly it's all getting back to normal.

The school buses that were used to block the major intersections were cleared yesterday.
Most of my town got their power back this weekend.
Schools are scheduled to open tomorrow after 2 weeks of being closed.
My sister, Andee, got her power yesterday.
My dad's shop got power on Saturday.
My husband's school also got power on Saturday.
Still hoping that Tara gets hers back soon and she can come home.

All in all, we did fair very well.
Our town is a few miles from the beach so we didn't have the water damage that the beaches had.
We had wind. LOTS of it. But overall, we're all fine.

I took a ride down to Sea Girt beach yesterday. It's one of the only beaches that you can get on right now without being a resident. The houses looked great. They lost the boardwalk and the sand was piled up very high. Kids brought the metal detector hoping to find some long lost treasures.
Not much luck, but we did find lots of shells and SEA GLASS!!!! It's been a long time since we came across sea glass on the beach. Recycling is great and all....but it totally ruined the fun of finding sea glass.

Then we were headed to watch the Manasquan football game. I drove through the blocks close to the beach. It wasn't the beach front, but as close as we were allowed to go.

I had seen pictures in the newspaper and online, but nothing prepares you for it when you see it first hand. It was so sad. I cried. How can you not? Although, I cry at everything.
Garrett was in the back seat and just kept telling me to drive away because he was going to have nightmares. This was a nightmare for so many. Street after street looks like this.

The towns are strong and things will be ok. It's just going to be a long haul for many.

Looking forward to the kids getting  back to school and on a normal schedule.
I hope all of you are safe and warm this Sunday morning!



  1. It is so hard to drive around and look at all the damage. I'm glad we got to spend a little time at the beach though!

  2. Big sigh......thanks for the report from the front lines. I'm glad you weren't in 'immediate' danger where you were, but the whole area can't help but be affected by so much destruction. It was cool to see the kids, dunes, and shells and sea glass too.

    thanks, thanks, thanks.