Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Knitting and Reading

Happy Wednesday.

I'm trying to come up with something cute and witty to say, but frankly, I'm too darn tired.
This "baby" 16 month old of ours thinks it's ok to wake up a gazillion times a night.
OMG. WHY??????? Then when he's awake during the day he NEVER STOPS.
But then again, that's what kids do. Thankfully he's funny and happy during the day. enough complaining and onto knitting and reading.

I finished these reading mitts up during the awful hurricane.
I didn't do the picot edging because it's a bit girly for me, so instead did a 1x1 rib.
I used Brambelberry Yarn. I've worn them so much that they are already looking old :(
I should have taken a picture right after making them. But, oh well.
I knitted up this funny stocking knit cap using the baby alpaca yarn I dyed.
I casted on 80 stitches, 1x1 rib and then 10 rows of sts decreasing gradually after 7".
I made a tassel too. Because every hat needs something fun.
This hat is for sale in our farm store.

I am also working on little baby leg warmers.
I am alternating rows of tan baby alpaca with alpaca sock yarn.
They're too darn cute. These will be for sale in our farm store as well.

And for my reading...

I bought Christmas music yesterday and have had it playing ever since.
I'm ready but not ready for the holidays. I bought my first present today.
Fuzzy Elmo slippers for Chase. He's going to need a helmet because he's not going to stop looking at his feet while he walks. That boy loves his Elmo!

Happy Knitting!
Joining in with Ginny


  1. i love the tassel! i think i might add one to a couple hats i have just finished! and i soooo hear you about the restless babies. lol hopefully you will get a few good nights soon. :)

  2. Beautiful knits! I hope those sleepless nights pass soon. Happy Thanksgiving!