Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Day!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our United States readers!

Just got home from the rival football game of Wall vs. Squan

Squan was the winner! We live in Wall, but my husband is the principal for Manasquan.
Got to go with the hubby! My kids were torn on who to cheer for, but in the end they chose their Dad and sat on the Squan side of the bleachers.

I also want to wish my sister, Andee, a very happy birthday!!!!!
Every few years it falls on Turkey Day. Always a nice way to spend a birthday :)

Gobble Gobble!

Please join us this weekend for our big holiday Open House.
The farm store will be open Friday and Saturday 10-4 & Sunday 12-4
Skip the yucky malls and spend Black Friday with us on the farm!!!

Have a happy holiday!

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  1. oooh fun! wish i were there! happy thanksgiving sweetie, off to wish andee a happy birthday too!