Friday, November 9, 2012


I have read recently that it is the electricity that is out, not the power. 
The power to help people has been abundant lately. The power of the Jersey Shore is strong.
But we are wounded. And if you had seen me these past few days, you would question how strong I was. I started to fall apart. I am thankful I have my home. We could have lost it when the giant old tree fell. We live a few miles in from the ocean so we did not have water damage. Hundreds and thousands of people here have lost everything.

My parents taught us girls never to complain. And so I try not to.

It's not always easy. But I keep pushing through. But when you can not provide heat, food, a warm bath and a light to read by for your kids, it's hard. When it SNOWS after a horrific hurricane reshaped your landscape, it pushes you to a new place.

Friends and family have opened their homes to us these past 10 days.
We have had fun spending time with everyone. But not being warm in your own home is rough.

The boys and I heard that our church was looking for volunteers.
So we headed over there. It was just nice to feel productive.
It is a help center full of donations for people that lost everything.

 They have also been serving meals every day to people that need it. Feeling a bit like a charity case myself, we enjoyed a nice hot bowl of home made soup. We then put some labels on blanket kits that had been made up.

We were only able to help for a little bit because Chase had other plans (like screaming and running up and down the pews)!!! But we did something and it felt good.
My grandmother loved that church and I thought of her the whole time we were working.
There was a big white box full of supplies sitting in "her" seat.
She would be happy to see all the kids there helping out.
We left the church and started to drive home.
And then.....I got a call.

Electric Company trucks from Alabama were on our road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And they promised to stay until our power was on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And then...........we had electricity. ahhhhhh
I felt like a new person.

Maybe MomMom was watching us :)

Unfortunately, my sister Andee is still without power. She has a woodstove, hot water and tv, but I hope for her and her family the power is back on soon. But we've heard that the sub station was flooded with salt water during the storm and has to be rebuilt. 

My husband's high school is also still without power. He is the principal and so you can imagine this causes a lot of rescheduling, problem solving and worry.

My parent's family business is also without power.
This storm has had a terrible impact on work and we are all hoping that things will be ok.
People are out of work, no paychecks in sight. Awful.

So right now, my home is warm. My kids are happy. I am happy.
But so many people are still cold, hungry and at a loss.

It's truly unbelievable to take in the impact of what has gone on around us.
It's so wide spread and I realize that so many are much much worse than we are.
I keep telling myself to be thankful. I am.

Thank you to all of those around us that have opened their homes to my family, offered hot showers, provided coffee every morning (THANK YOU MOM AND DAD!!!!!!!!!!), raised a glass of wine in cheers (maybe too many times!), played cards, laughed, lent candles, flashlights and batteries, brought generators and gas from Pennsylvania, my husband for putting up with me and hugging me when I completely lost it, my kids for being amazing through this all, not complaining and having fun with friends to pass the time, my sister for having tv and letting us watch football, friends for letting me do laundry at their house, and every one that has offered nice thoughts and prayers through this blog. I was able to read the comments on my phone and I appreciate it all.

Please keep everyone in your thoughts. This isn't over. It's going to be a long haul for most.
I am beyond thankful to have electricity. Now it just has to STAY ON!!!!!!!!


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  1. I saw on the news today that many of the places dumped with snow were going to have temps in the 60's over the weekend. Really crazy weather. So glad you got your electricity back. It's good that you and the boys were able to take time to help out at the church. Blessings to all, Tammy