Friday, August 23, 2013

A Quick Hat

Just whipped up this fun slouch hat.

Free pattern name on Ravelry is Yarnster

I finished it up at the beach today and since it reminds me of
one of those sea urchin shell thingies, I took a photo
of it in the sand.

As I knitted away happily on the beach, my friend's son asked me,
"Mrs. Coppola, is that ALL you do???" (referring to my knitting)
I wish my answer was yes. I wish I could knit on the beach all day long
every day. Wouldn't that be nice?

Happy weekend folks.


  1. I love the Yarnster hat it is a fun knit. Yours looks fantastic! I love the color. It would be a good like to knit on the beach all day everyday. I can't believe I only went to the beach 2 times this summer :(

  2. haha, cute. i hardly went to the beach either, which is really lame since i live across the street. :(