Friday, August 30, 2013

The moments you don't expect

This is completely un-farm related but I just felt l like writing.
So, sorry if it's boring...just needed a break from working and
my muscles hurt from knitting too much (lame, I know)

I've written about my late grandmother, "MomMom" to us, "Other MomMom" to the great-grandkids, on this blog many times. She's been gone 3 years now. She was a part of the beginning of the alpaca farm, but she never saw it come to fruition. I think about her a lot. Maybe more than is normal...but she was a nice lady and sometimes I just like thinking about her.

I just received an email from our church.
It's an electronic version of "the Visitor" (the church newsletter)
And then WHAM...I think of her. When I'm not expecting it.
And then I get sad. And then I tell myself not to be sad. She's around.
That she is. I know she is. She sees everything that's going on.
She's in my thoughts every time I buy my Viva paper towels just like she did.
She was in my thoughts when I made egg salad for lunch last week. Buttered toast, egg salad and in her later years was filled with egg shells! My teeth hurt thinking about it! But it was always so good.

I find myself thinking about what a kick she would have gotten out of the emails that the church sends as prayer requests for members or friends of members.
She went to prayer group every week with the other old ladies. They all started to pass away and that little group was getting smaller every year. But they were a powerful group!
She would really love to see these emails going to so many people asking for a quick prayer.
I can see her now, chuckling and golly, look at that. They have the whole church praying.

Recently my youngest sister, Liz, two friends and I went to see The Long Island Medium
perform in Red Bank. I know some people think she's crazy, but I love it. I love her and I think she helps so many people. Anyway, before I went to the show, I stuffed my bag with everything I could think of to get her or my grandfather to come through. A small Phillie Phanatic doll, a letter from MomMom, a bracelet and some small handkerchiefs that I found at her house. 
I have left the handkerchiefs in there for a month now. It's nice to see them in there when I go to get my keys out or pay for something. It's a nice reminder of my grandmother. (by the way, we didn't get a reading)

Her memory makes me thankful for all the family that I do have and the grandparents I still have.

MomMom would have loved all of this. I'm sure of it.
And I'll take those moments when I don't expect to think of her.
They're the nice ones. The unexpected. Her way of saying hello.


An oldie but goodie. I think Garrett was 2 here and Dalton 4.
It's so MomMom with her matching outfit and pins on her collar :)


  1. I do so see Chase in her face and impish grin ~ I loved your post, Leanne

  2. What a lovely post! Thank you for sharing.

  3. This is really sweet, Leanne.