Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Yarn and Thread

Happy Wednesday!
Joining in with this week's yarn along. Sharing what I'm knitting and reading.
I'm also throwing in some of the needle/embroidery work I am doing 
(as if I have nothing else to do!!!!)

I have made more progress on my Cameo Shawl.
I am reading The Cuckoo's Calling  by J.K. Rowling (although she published it under a man's name)

In between the knitting, I have started to embroider again. I love the patterns from this shop, Dropcloth, on etsy. I also took an online class through Creativebug. It's addictive!!!
This is the Paisley sampler. I'm going to make it a cover for a roll-up circular knitting needle carrying case.

 This is another sampler (the one I made through the class)
I have been using it to cover my embroidery needle case, but have yet to sew it all together.

I have also been knitting some little hats for the farm store. Fall is almost here and it's time to get cracking!!!

And because alpacas are super are three of the boys.

Feeling very "fall" here today and wishing I could just knit all day....

Joining in with Ginny!

Happy Knitting.


  1. Love the hats- too cute. and the embroidery...swoon.
    You have some really sweet alpacas.

  2. Such sweet faces. Have you seen the surfing alpaca? It's on youtube I think. Cute hats.

  3. Yay for Cameo on the needles. It is looking beautiful. Also your I can see why it is addicting.
    Love seeing the Alpaca faces, makes my day.