Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Yarn Along on Wednesday

It's knitting season. 
Well, it's always knitting season for me, but what I mean is
it's knit for the farm knitting season.

My sisters and I knit and crochet lots of fun things to sell at the farm.
We have a big weekend coming up. 
National Alpaca Farm Days!!!
September 28th and 29th. 

The farm is open to the public and everyone is
welcome to stop by, see some alpacas, learn about them, see us spin, knit, etc and enjoy
a nice weekend on the farm. We have a showroom where we sell handknits, yarn and other alpaca merchandise. It's a great little spot. If you're local, come on by!!!

So, I have put my personal knitting to the side and knitting up some hats to sell.

Here are a few slouch I made this past week.
The two on the left are the yarnster pattern. The tan alpaca hat is for adult small or kid large and it's a combo of the yarnster hat and a regular slouch. The one to the right is made with chunky alpaca handpainted yarn and is a nice big comfy hat that can be worn as a ski hat or slouch style.

I picked up this book at a local book sale and it's sooooo good!!! Fascinating true story.

And some unrelated photos, but thought I would share anyway...
Morning sunrise on the farm.


And my impish little boy that is keeping us sooooo busy.
I think big brothers are looking forward to school next week to get
a break from his two year old antics. I can't blame them!

Once again, I am still unable to relink all my old photos on this blog.
If anyone has encountered this, please let me know. 
I really need help!!!! For info on what I'm talking about, click here.

Joining in with Ginny for the weekly yarn along.

Happy Knitting!


  1. I wish I was local so I could visit your farm, it looks amazing.
    That is one adorable little two year old you have there, what a fun age.

  2. The hats looks so warm and cozy- I'm with Tracey- road trip!!!

  3. what a pretty setting for all that knitting!!!! hope your farm days are extra fun and profitable!!!

  4. would love to visit your farm....looks amazing! Such beautiful projects!!

  5. Your hats are so much fun. I need to stop selfish knitting and get knitting for the farm.

  6. I wish I could help with your picture problem. I love that picture of Chase. He's too cute. As always, I'm wishing I lived close so we could let Potter and Chase run around at the farm and wear each other out!

  7. I love alpaca yarn, so soft and luxurious, lovely hats. X

  8. wish i could visit too! your hats are so nice leanne and i love seeing your little darling imp. good luck with the photos, i believe there is hope!

  9. I heard about that book a few years ago and thought it sounded really good. I eventually forgot about it though. Thank you for mentioning it! Beautiful hats!

  10. I saw that book in the bookstore once and almost picked it up! I think I will see if my library has it that I can reserve... thanks for the reminder! Your hats are so adorable.

  11. I really enjoyed the book! Your sunrise photos are beautiful!