Thursday, August 22, 2013

Moving Forward

After many hours, I have yet to figure out how to relink all of my photos from past posts.
I am praying that someone will figure it out for me and it's an easy answer.
Fingers crossed!!!

But in the meantime, I miss being here and posting about farm life, knitting,
family and daily adventures.

So, here goes. Moving forward...starting from scratch.....

I finished up the triangle scarf/shawl this week.
I took the picture before I blocked it because I was just too anxious. 
It's in a fun color combo and I'm looking forward to wearing it this fall.

Yesterday was a hot summer day and for some reason my boys didn't feeling
like going to the beach. (I could spend every day all day there, but what ever...)
So Lizzie and Wade joined us for a quick trip up to Holmdel Park.
 Where the corn was VERY tall

 And the baby cow was born...Chase stealing a chance to pet the Mommy cow

 The cutest little kittens were there. One was named Lizzie! 
Notice the woman through the barn door, shoveling manure in her dress.
Glad we don't have to wear the traditional garb anymore!

 A woman that was working at the farm had just made a fresh pail of ice cream. 
We got to give the kitten some licks off of our fingers.

 We put some on Wade's toes!

 A peacock on a tractor

 A day camp was there with their yellow shirts on. Garrett fit right in!

 No luck in the fishing pond

 Staying hydrated
 And Wade enjoying Dalton's iPod

Fun outing on a nice summer day.

Here's to moving forward with the blog. I HOPE to figure out how to get the rest of the photos asap.


  1. oh i'm crossing my fingers for you, in the meantime, just keep filling up more posts with darling photos like these. love your shawl, the kitty, the boys! so cute! good luck dear!

  2. It looks like such a fun time there. I was just reading someone else's blog and all her pictures disappeared from her Blog. She had changed her privacy settings accidentally so none of her pics appeared on her blog anymore. I hope you figure it out.