Friday, August 16, 2013

HELP!!! All my photos are GONE!

I got a call today from my dad to let me know that all the photos on the blog are totally gone.

Asking for advice.

Here's what I think happened, and I have NO CLUE how to resolve it.

I update the blog mostly from my computer. Every once in a while I use my phone, but it's a pain, so 95% of the time, all photos and posts are from the computer.

That said...

I filled up my cell phone yesterday with photos. A year worth of photos will do that to a phone I suppose. Sooo....I thought I would be smart and move all my photos to the computer and delete them off of my phone. I do kind of recall a folder on the phone that said Arrow Acres Blog with 1,000 photos on there. But, like I said, the photos are all already on my computer or on the blog.

Today, all photos are not on the blog. AT ALL!!!! Like 3 years worth of posts.
If I think too long about this i will cry.

Has anyone experienced this or know what to do?



  1. I've revisited your blog about a dozen times since you posted this hoping to see your photos magically reappear

    I reached my max 'free' photo storage on our blog & have been paying a monthly fee now for extra storage to continue to be able to blog

    I've never looked but is there a 'storage area' somewhere on Google that keeps your photos? probably wishful thinking but it's worth shooting off an email to them to ask

    you can swipe any photos off my blog that you've shared so at least you haven't lost those

    I'm really bummed for you ~ I know how much work and soul goes into blogging...I hope you get it figured out, Leanne

  2. oh no! is there a way to restore?? they are probably there somewhere! crossing my fingers for you.