Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Guernsey Wrap Yarn Along

I have a few projects on the needles right now, but I thought I would share this project today as part of the yarn along. You know my obsession with Jared Flood. So when Chelsea Yarn picked one of his patterns as their KAL, I had to join in. Duh.

Guernsey Wrap by Jared Flood
Knitting with Queensland Collection Rustic Tweed
A really nice light wool, alpaca, nylon yarn that has little flecks of black and white throughout. I am loving this yarn and this knit. Just enough interest to keep me going.

This last picture is for Ann at the UP. This is one of the black walnut trees at the farm. It's huge!!!

And no books to report. Just haven't read in a while. Knitting seems to take over these days.

Joining in with Ginny today :)


  1. I've been eyeing up that wrap on Ravelry! Looks beautiful!

  2. Guernsey is on my Ravelry favorites list. Yours is beautiful! It looks like autumn! :)

  3. that pattern is in my have inspired me to get going at casting this on! It looks lovely!!

  4. So many lovely stitch patterns. Beautiful.