Thursday, October 31, 2013

Things an Alpaca Farmer's Grandson Says

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!
This is one of my favorite holidays. 
Time to be creative, have fun with your friends, laugh, run around neighborhoods and get free candy!!! What's not to love???

My kids are all set with their costumes.
This year we have a zombie, Jack Frost from the movie Rise of the Guardians and, a cowboy.

I needed a few last minute things from the party store yesterday.
Chase LOVED all the creepy stuff in the store. So strange.

But the thing that made me laugh so hard was this...

He found the devil forks and told me that it was for
cleaning alpaca poop.  He then proceeded to "rake" the floor.

I laughed so hard and the sales girl that was helping me looked soooo confused.
Once I explained that his grandparents have an alpaca farm and he thought the pitchfork was
for cleaning up poop, I thought she would find it funny too. Nope. Just looked at me even more strangely. I guess you have to live on an alpaca farm to find this funny.

This is my Jack Frost. Well, part of it. He'll put the costume pants on after school.

The zombie picture will come later.
For now, Chase keeps looking at the blood splattered clothes I made and says,
DD Died. (he calls Dalton, DD) Hope he's not too creeped out later!!!!

Oh, one more funny thing. Sorry, rambling...I know.
While at the Halloween store, Chase picked up a fake broken nasty leg with bones and blood coming out of it, said, "broken?" kissed it and hugged it to make it better.
Most 2 year olds would be scared. Not mine. He's a different one!!!

Ok...that's it. Have a happy Halloween!!!!!!!


  1. Consider the possibility that the store clerk may be fun impaired. Halloween is fun when the kids are excited and into costumes. I used to love it then, but now I turn off the porch lights and go to the show and out for dinner.

    I'd love to see your kids in their costumes though. It's a little far to commute.