Friday, October 4, 2013

NY Sheep & Wool Festival Finalist!

For those that know me, I am a graphic designer by trade.
It's been my profession for 13 years now.
I have been lucky enough to work from my home for 11 of those years.

When a design contest comes around, I like to compete.

I especially enjoy the fiber festival art contests.
A few years ago I was runner-up for the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival.
My Ravelry project bag design was also chosen to be in the top 10.
I've come close to winning these fiber art contest, but not yet.

So you can imagine my excitement when I received an email from
the NY Sheep & Wool Festival art committee letting me know that 
my artwork was chosen as a finalist for the 2015 festival.
They narrowed it down to the top 10 and the artwork will be on display
at this year's festival. 
(I didn't think I could make it up there this year but now
I might just have to take a ride...even if it's for the day!)

Here is my entry. It's all very exciting. (for me at least)

I created the art with fabric, elmers glue, acrylic paint and embroidery.
It's fun way to do a batik print.

There will be online voting but I am told that the final decision is up to the committee.


  1. That's so pretty! It's the clear winner.

  2. Congrats!!!! How exciting. I want to go this year too!

  3. online voting! can I vote? let me know...we'll get the word out :)))

    I love this! you're so creative, Leanne!

  4. it's beautiful leanne! you are so talented, i HOPE you win!!