Monday, October 7, 2013

Sunday Stroll

Chase is in full on terrible two year old mode. 
To relieve the rest of my family from his whining we headed out during the Giants game halftime
for a Sunday stroll around the farm.
There were moments of smiles, and moments of a typical terrible two year old.
Check out the baby alpacas. They're pretty much the cutest things on earth.

My older boys having their Sunday football catch

Some of the girls grazing in the alley

Annaschea and Mr. Bates


She's the sweetest girl

This is the new guy! We're calling him Stone. Here with his mom, Spicy.

Hi Stone. Isn't he handsome? A modern gray boy.

Bocote and Arrow checking out where Chase is off to.

Here's Stone again.

The face you receive when your two year old doesn't want to walk with you.

And we're back.

Have a good week!


  1. We should put Potter and Chase in a room together and let them whine to one another.

  2. beautiful autumn pictures & Chase gets the blue ribbon for Mr Pouty Face :)