Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Letter P

When my two older boys were little, we used to go on adventures
during the day. Easy trips that were fun but close to home.

Having the big age gap between my kids, I find that Chase doesn't always get
to go on those day trips like I did with the other kids. We're usually
busy around the house, doing everything  between bus stop times, sports
and my work.

But when Liz had Wade, all changed. These two little boys are 14 months apart and are such good buddies. They'll grow up like brothers I think. And now that Mr. Wade is 1 and very busy and funny, these two are really having fun together.

On Tuesday, Liz had a doctor appointment to check on her little baby
that she's busy cooking. So she asked me to go along to keep an eye on Wade.
The office is next to the best grocery/orchard/farmers market around and it's also close by to one of our favorite farms, so we made a day out of it!

We were also very lucky to get to go in to see the baby on the ultrasound!!!!
A very unexpected surprise! The baby looks perfect and very active (haha).
(Wade is the calmest, sweetest baby boy and mine is crazy.) onto the rest of the day. 
Liz and I noticed a "P" theme throughout the day.
If Chase was old enough to understand letters we could have made
this very educational with learning the letter P!

Trip to Delicous Orchards...

 Pile of green beans
 Plump Jersey Tomatoes

Onto Longstreet Farm (I LOVE this place)
We saw the man Plowing the potato field.
Using two big work horses, he guided the plow through the dirt to 
get the potatoes ready for harvest.
To our surprise, the farmer came over to Chase and asked him if he wanted
to clear the field and pick some potatoes! YES! We would like some potatoes!

 Plowing the field

 Picking Potatoes!
 Seriously, how cool is this??? We have good timing with this place.
Or...they do cool stuff every day.

 Pretty barns...Kitty cat in the tree!
 Ponies on a stick

 Peacocks and pumpkins! (I think this is when we realized how many "P" things we have seen so far!)

 Peep hole
Chase knew those kitty cats had gone in that barn and would not leave that crack.

 Look who was inside! He was right. And they were in the perfect light for a picture.

Picnic in the park...enjoying a VERY yummy apple caramel cupcake. SOOOOO good.

Back up the potatoes that we picked.
Mashed potatoes were clearly in order for dinner.

My happy proud little guy with his mashed potatoes.

And to top off the day, a beautiful sunset over the alpaca field.
 A very fun day.
Oh...and we did sneek a yarn store trip in there. Had to.


  1. What a lovely day! and of course there had to be yarn...