Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Hi Alpacas

Last night Chase and I went for a little stroll around the farm. My husband and middle son had to go to an awards dinner where my husband works and my older son was practicing his baseball swing, so the littlest guy and I took a walk. Camera in hand, we got a few pictures of some of the critters and really beautiful blue sky before nightfall.

That's Serious Swagger "Swag" looking handsome.

Hi Girls! These are the show girls (including the newest addition, Arctic Treasure)

 Chase, LE and Treasure

"whatcha lookin at?"

There's little Miss Peanut Butter Dickens

Peanut, you have hay in your hair.

I am sooooooo ready for warm weather, to sit in these chairs, watch the spring babies race with a drink in my hand and knitting.

Have a great Tuesday :) Check back tomorrow for some knitting pictures for the yarn along.

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