Monday, March 30, 2015

Things are not always as they appear

I knitted this shawl last week. It's the Samen Shawl by Stephen West.
I loved knitting it. It was quick and easy and I used stash yarn so that made me happy.

I tried (notice the word "tried") to take some nice photos of the finished shawl.
I asked my older son to go outside with me so I could model it.
I snapped this photo of it with my phone and posted to Instagram.

I then wore it to bookclub that night.
My friend said to me, "oh that's the new shawl you made! I saw it on instagram. I loved the picture. It was so peaceful and idealic." 
I had to laugh because if you only knew the real nonsense going on during this photo!!!

The real scene was, my three year old son was freaking out and carrying on that there was TOO MUCH GOOSE POOP by the pond and HE COULDN'T WALK BECAUSE HIS LEGS WERE TOOOOOOOO TIRED AND HE DIDN'T WANT TO STEP IN POOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And my 13 year old son is yelling at the 3 year old to hurry up and get away from the pond because it's clogged and flooded and he needs to help Mom take a picture of her stupid shawl. And then there's me yelling at everyone because I JUST WANT ONE NICE PICTURE AND I HAVE TO GO GET GARRETT OFF THE SCHOOL BUS THAT IS COMING IN THREE MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, the result is me giving up...tying the shawl to the fence and snapping a quick picture on my iphone.
Yes, it does look peaceful with the alpacas in the background.
 And yes, it may look idealic and give the impression that we all live in lah-lah land over here and music plays while we walk around the farm.
But remember, things are NOT always as they appear.
There's usually a whining toddler in ear shot and a frazzled mom :)


  1. oh haha, always so true. but your shawl. LOVE LOVE LOVE it so much. and congratulations on your new logo, it's amazing!!