Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Is that a new Yarn Along Logo???!!! YUP!!!!

So, if you're a graphic designer or notice things like logos and design you may notice something new on Ginny's blog and the yarn along. The Yarn Along button has changed.
I am honored and beyond thrilled to be the designer of this little logo.

Last week I got a text from my sister Andee.
She said, Ginny's looking for a new yarn along button. Looks right up your alley.
So I got home, took a look and emailed Ginny. I came up with a few ideas and she loved them. She took a few days to think it over and share with some friends and family for opinions.
And here it is...the new Yarn Along logo.

Before I get on with what I'm knitting and reading I just want to say something about the yarn along and everything that it means to me.

I stumbled upon the Small Things blog a few years ago. I was looking for a little baby hat to knit and the little lace baby hat designed by Ginny was on Ravelry. It said she had a blog. Ok..let me check it out.
And then I read all her posts. I loved how she was raising her family. I identified with her in so many ways. She lives in a small old farmhouse that is too small for her growing family. Sounds familiar!
She loves to garden, knit, read, raise her kids...yup...sounds familiar.
Then I was hooked. I read all of the posts and I try my very best to never miss the yarn along link up.
Ginny was the person that inspired me to start this blog. I wanted to be a part of this great blogging and knitting and alpaca farmer community. 

As I was driving all around town today getting kids to and from baseball, my phone rang with a Virgina area code. I don't know anyone in Virginia...must be a wrong number.
Then I got a voice mail. Hmmmm who could it be?
Then I heard a voice say, "Hi Leanne, this is Ginny from the Small Things Blog."
We had been communicating back and forth over email the past week.
It's a funny thing to hear someone's voice that you have never heard, but know so much about.
You know what I mean? I have read her words...I feel like I know her. But her voice?
I had never imagined what it would sound like. A little bit southern, a little bit northern, a little bit western...bubbly, funny and Ginny. We talked over an hour about everything from feeling old at 37, suddenly needing glasses, teenage sons, toddler sons and everything in between. It was a pleasure to talk to her and I am thrilled to be a small part of the Small Things Blog.
In exchange for my work, my design company will be featured on her blog.
I specialize in creating the graphic design of patterns for the knitting pattern designer.
My website can be seen here: www.threeboysdesign.com

And now onto my knitting and reading...

I finished up my Starry Night Shawl.
It's the Samen shawl by Stephen West.
I have worn it every day since it came off my needles. It's soft, fun and perfect. I want to make more in other colors. It was a very fun and fast knit.

I recently read A Fall of Marigolds. READ IT NOW!!!!!!!! I loved it sooo much. I looked into what other books the author wrote and her newest novel is The Secrets of a Charmed Life. So far it's just as good as the Marigolds book. I think I have a new favorite author.

I am teaching some new classes this spring. One of them is an intermediate class where we'll be making this lace headband. It's a great intermediate class where my students will learn how to follow a pattern, increase, decrease, lace work, and making a button hole. I knitted this headband using Knit Pick's wool of the Andes in the Gosling colorway on US8 needles.

 So that's what I've been up to these days. I just casted on a new pair of socks. It's baseball knitting season and socks seem to be the only appropriate field knitting.

Have a great day and Happy Knitting!


  1. love the new logo :) and my your knitting is lovely and full!! I am itching to start something new but I have to finish a pair of socks first.

  2. love the new logo! and your shawl is lovely too

  3. The new logo is lovely - and it really fits Ginny and her lovely down to earth way of everything!
    I like your shawl very much too. The yarn colour is wonderful!

  4. great new logo!!! and I know just what you mean about hearing blog friends after knowing them for what seems forever in print! (I chit-chat with a couple and they now sound 'normal'...but that first time! I guess I had given them a 'voice' in my head----and it wasn't what I was hearing!!!!!) Great knits going, too!!!

  5. I noticed the new logo right away and loved it so much! And I love your shawl, Stephen West is on top of my Ravelry queue list!

  6. very fun! I love Ginny's blog too :) nice new logo, well done! All blessings on you and your family! and fun knit also!!!

  7. I read Ginnys blog, too. I found your blog through the link at Yarn Along. Your written life is interesting and I love your knitting. Beautiful things!

  8. Great logo. I found your blog through yarn along too. I don't always have time to read all blogs, but I try! Great shawl!

  9. If memory serves me correct, I found Gunny's blog through Anne Voskamp. Ginny's photos, knitting, and honesty are refreshing. I love the new logo, and will try to get it up on my blog today. Beautiful shawl and headband!

  10. That scarf! I love everything about it. No wonder you don't want to take it off! Nice work on the button too.