Thursday, March 19, 2015

Warm Feet and Happy Heart

As you may know, I started an Arrow Acres Farm group on the Ravelry group pages. It's a way to keep in touch about farm and knitting goodness. So far it's been fun! Lots of interaction and meeting new people.

And today, in the introduction thread, MARY JANE MUCKLESTONE joined and left this comment!

I met leannecoppola during one of my classes at Vogue Knitting Live NY. She gave me a pair of the farm’s Alpaca socks, a gorgeous red, and if it was not for these socks this snowy winter - my feet would have froze! They kept me safe, and I thought about how I want to visit her farm every time I wore them…hey wait, I have them on now!

If you know who Mary Jane is and know how awesome she is, then you will understand why I did a dorky happy knitter dance when I saw this on the board.

Thanks MJ! Here's a post I did on the class I took from her at Vogue Live NYC last year.

Here she is with said red socks :)

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