Wednesday, March 18, 2015


If you follow along with my ramblings, you may have seen the Clayoquot Cardigan that I have been working on. A yoked color work cardigan worked in the round that later is steeked.



I had never done it.
Read all about it.
watched videos how to do it.

Thought I was ready.

Crochet chain put in....

Scissors cut up the middle.

All looked good. Thought I did it right.
Then...pop. pop. pop. pop....
Little bits of yarn, quickly unraveling at the top part where all the colorwork was done.
I stayed calm. Didn't freak out. Tied little knots.
Tacked it down with backstitching thread and needle.

Picked up the button band, did it.

It's done. Now....what did I do wrong?
Here's what I think. I think that when I did the crochet reinforcement chains, I did not go all the way through the layers of knitting. I picked up the top color only. It must be the problem right?
Where I had just the gray knitting in the body, that worked perfectly.
Any advice? I'm praying this whole things doesn't fall apart. I think I reinforced it ok....

Next time, I might just do a yoke sweater and leave it as is.


Here it is in all it's "glory". hmmmm

So...that's my story this week.
And thank you to another awesome knitting student for my Rook gift card.
Yum! Coffee here I come.

Have a great week.
Joining in with Ginny's yarn along.



  1. It's a beautiful sweater! And I love the colour combination!
    I haven't done steeking with the crochet only with the sewing machine...
    But I always knit the buttonbands before I cut the jacket open.
    And so far I have't had any problems with unravelling yarn, yet...

    1. I have a feeling the sewing machine is the way to go. I didn't trust myself to stay on the exact stitch line so that's why I did the crochet. I like the idea of picking up a button band before cutting. Seems to be a little sturdier.

  2. Oh dear Leanne, I do hope you get some sound advice because your knit is so pretty.
    I haven't tried steeking yet, but it's on my list.

  3. Well, ,I don't know what (or if) you did something wrong because it looks beautiful!! I'm curious to hear what others have to offer.

  4. Now you know that's all Greek to me.....and when you explained it to me, I thought, no, don't do it!! But the weater is gorgeous and I love the colors!!

  5. No idea about the steeking, but you have ended up with a really pretty cardigan.

    1. Thank you! I've been wearing it all day and so far it's not unraveling all around me so that's a good sign!

  6. Congrats on completing such a beautiful sweater. I so admire your knitting skills. It's lovely.

  7. When you knit the body did you twist the steek st that was going to be picked up with the crochet hook? Lovely sweater.

  8. love the sweater!!! I have never steeked and nor do I want to :)

  9. Your sweater is lovely. I machine knit my steeks, particularly if I am using handspun alpaca. Like you, I did have a problem at the top of a stranded sweater. I hadn't stitched at the top correctly and some of the strands were not caught. I hand stitched the loose threads and then picked up the band and completed the sweater. I have worn the sweater quite a bit and have not had a problem. You could try a little hand stitching in that area if you are still nervous. Good luck.