Friday, June 10, 2011

Knitting, Alpacas and Baseball


My sister, Andee, has been knitting for years. She was always good at it. She attempted to teach me 10 years ago when I was on bedrest with my oldest son. I tried my best, but I was terrible. I mean, really terrible. I never had the right amount of stitches and usually ended up with a "scarf" that looked more like swiss cheese. I have always been good with my hands and was a quilter. I just couldn't understand what was wrong with me! Why was knitting so hard for me?

(Liz is spinning, Tara is working on her blanket..also realize it was 100 degrees here last night! Good thing the air conditioner was on!)

Fast forward to two years ago. I was determined to learn how to knit. I knew I could do it if I put my mind to it. I started watching YouTube videos and slowly I began to understand how to do it. A friend of mine sat down with me for two hours and showed me the basics. I went home and spent 10 hours practicing. Not sure my family ate that day. But I learned how to knit!!!!


All three sisters enjoy yarn and knitting/crocheting. We're old souls...that's what people tell us. Well, we decided to suck some of our friends in to our "old soul" world and we started a knitting group. It is a very casual get-together that we attempt to have once a month. We meet at one of our houses, order take-out food, open some wine and beer and just hang out around a table or living room and knit away. We have a group of 7 girls now. All under the age of 33. 3 of them had never knit before and we have taught them how. Some are crocheters and you should see how well they're doing! We all help each other out when we make a mistake and try to figure out how to tackle new projects.

(Tara's blanket! I'm so proud of her!!!)

We met last night at my house. A huge storm came through and we ALMOST got hit by lightning! It was crazy! It hit the tree right outside the living room. Thankfully, no major damage was done. Quinn just started her first lace project last night. Tara is almost done with her huge beautiful blanket, Andee was working on a teddy bear, Liz was spinning and I was working on my cardigan while I tried to get comfortable. I'm getting huge and having trouble breathing, moving, sitting, know. Our other girls were missed. See you next time!


The babies are doing wonderful! Our vet was here this morning and everyone looked good. Baby Bing had a little hard time learning to nurse, but he's doing well now. Baby Wea loves to run around. She's very funny. Here are some pictures from the field this morning.

(Bubinga and Melody)

(Kigo, Ox and Sanda saying hello)

(Wea, Bubinga and Melody)



Completely unrelated to anything to do with the farm, but I just wanted to give a shout out to our oldest son. His little league team has made it to the finals! Dalton has been playing so well the last few games and I'm very proud of him. Good luck on Monday, buddy!

Have a great weekend!



  1. I taught myself to knit with Youtube videos exactly one year ago this month! Your knitting group sounds like a lot of fun. Enjoy a beautiful weekend.

  2. Hope your baby arrives on time. The last trimester is no fun in the heat. Love the baby alpacas too. We had a fawn born in the neighbor's back yard a couple days ago. That was a treat---and our baby robins are out of the nest and learning to fly today.