Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pumpkins Are Planted & Fingers Are Crossed

For the past few years we have planted a field of pumpkins. Our first few years were amazing. We had huge crops with so many pumpkins we didn't know what to do with them! However, the last two years have not been successful. We're not sure why. Was it weather? Too wet? Too dry? Bugs? Deer? Groundhogs? Not sure. But once again, we planted the pumpkins.

(The crew in the pumpkin patch)

(The little boys playing in the dirt)

Row by row, my boys, husband, Andee and her boys helped my parents plant the seeds. I just watched with my camera in tow. I'm too big to bend over these days. Along the way, we found lots of golf balls two year old nephew thought this was very funny.

(My Dad and Brady getting the rows ready)

(Winding the string in...shortly after this picture, my dad got out
the power tools to wind it up. Smart man.)

(The reason I can't bend over to plant this year)

(Andee and Shea...notice his dirty feet..I always say a little kid with dirty feet is a happy kid)

(Shea's reaction to the tractor today.
A half hour later he was fine with the tractor.
Who knows....Two year olds are weird)

(Cousins having fun in the dirt)

There is a little patch of dirt down in the meadow. At one time, it was a row of huge weeping willow trees. Over the years, they were falling down and eventually had to be cut down. In this part of the meadow, the ashes of the two people that lived here are sprinkled. Mayo and Jeanne Dupayage (known to me as Uncle Mayo and Aunt Jeanne) lived in the house where I live now. Growing up next door, they were like grandparents to us. Never blood related, but as close as can be. This year we decided to plant a few pumpkins in that patch of dirt.

To get it ready, my dad hopped on the tractor and tilled. It scared the you know what out of little Shea for some reason, but after the tilling, an old horse shoe came up to the surface of the dirt. Maybe Uncle Mayo sent us some good luck this year. So, horse shoe is hung up and fingers are crossed. Let's hope for some awesome pumpkins :)

(Dalton and the good luck horseshoe)

Hope you all had a good weekend!

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