Sunday, June 5, 2011


It was a beautiful weekend here at the Jersey Shore. A bit chilly on Saturday but overall a perfect weekend for everything that needed to be done. It was a busy weekend for us as a family. My boys had field day at school on Friday (so much fun!), a family boy scout camping trip, lots of playoff baseball (which also provides me with ample knitting time!!! I promise I do look up from my knitting and watch the game!), gardening, prepping the pumpkin patch, playing with friends and of course....
baby alpaca watching!

Our little girl, Sacajawea, is doing great. She's been running around the fields, nursing like a champ, following everything her mommy does and entertaining us with her cute antics and curiosity. She is soooooo cute. We're still not sure what color she is. She is lighter than her mom, but not sure if the rose grey is all through her blanket. We see it on her legs, tails and ears so we are hopeful that it is everywhere else too! Either way, she is perfect and we love her.

How cute is she? I was taking pictures of her today and even when she's not running up to check out the camera, she is still so curious.

She sticks close to mom, but loves to run around and prance.

A sweet moment between mom and baby.

I walked over to the field on Saturday morning just to see her before we headed out for a day of baseball games and there in the field, was my mom. Sitting right in the middle of the field enjoying her animals. It made me laugh so hard. And guess what? I quickly joined her. It's a wonderful way to spend a morning. So, if you drive by, you may get the opportunity to spot our adorable new baby and two looney ladies sitting in the field.

Some of the other ladies are saying hello. They got a new pasture to run and play in yesterday. It's next to our fiber boys. It made for an interesting few minutes yesterday! Our big boy Kal still thought he was a stud. It didn't last long though. Poor guy. Awan totally didn't care about the ladies. He just spit at them.

The gardens are looking good. Hope we have lots of luck this year!

Prepping the pumpkin patch.

Running the strings for planting.
Smart man my dad is to employ two little boys to do the running!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!
Happy farming and knitting.

On a side note, our neighboors are going to the hospital tonight to have their third baby!
I'm so jealous!!! We have about 6 weeks left until we meet our little boy. I wish them lots of happiness and luck for a healthy, easy delivery. I can't wait to hear if it's a boy or girl.

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