Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wednesday Yarn Along

Happy Wednesday!
It's going to be close to 100 degrees here today. Oh boy. Feeling the need to have this baby. In other baby news, we think Melody is very close to delivery. Signs are there. Fingers crossed!!!
My mom just told me that Mel is acting very restless. I told her to run in the house and brush her teeth. That's what worked last time. Hey, it's worth a shot, right?

On to Knitting....
Off Liz's Spindle and Crochet Hook this week:

"Wrap Me In Ruffles"
Personal pattern
Crocheted with her handspun alpaca yarn (featured in our spinning post a few weeks ago)
The main part of the cowl is spinners weight yarn and the edge ruffle is bulky.
It's beautiful on!

On Leanne's Needles:

My neighboors had a baby boy on Monday so I started a fun little knit toy for him.
The dad is a vet and they also have a huge snake that lives with them, so I thought a fun colored squishy snake would be a perfect gift for the new little man.

Still working on my Bluebells Cardigan
(Ravelry pattern is the Peasy Cardigan)
And that bump is my baby boy who NEVER stops moving.

Off Andee's Needles this week:
She finished the gorgeous sea shell scarf.
It's done in baby alpaca
Personal pattern
It is the softest, lightest, prettiest scarf!!!!

Knitted with alpaca yarn

Have a wonderful day and Happy Knitting!

I will be sure to post any new baby alpaca news if we have some.

Oh...and just because I don't think you can EVER see too many baby alpaca pictures,
here's one for you to enjoy.



  1. Too, too cute!! Love it on your header!


    Melody gave birth to baby Bubinga at 10:00 this morning. Way to go Mel!!
    Our vet, Dr. B was fortunate enough to be in the area, so he stopped by and checked everyone out, and mom and baby are doing great!!

    Happy Wednesday!!

  3. Such beautiful knitting! Congratulations to you and Melody on the birth...he is so cute.

  4. Leanne - I have the same purple striped dress! We really are like two matching pregnant ladies.