Thursday, June 2, 2011

Welcome to the World!

Arrow Acres is proud to present our first cria born to the farm!

Arrow Acres Sacajawea
was born today around 8:20 am
She weighed 20.6 pounds
Mother: Cayuga Star
Herdsire: Abenaki's Astrovine

She came into this world on a beautiful sunny day. Everything went very quickly. My mom had called me this morning around 8:15 to tell me that something was happening. Star was humming a lot and rubbing the fence. Star then went to lay down in the middle of the field. My mom called all of us to let us know that she thought it might be today. Within ten minutes, Liz called me..."we have a baby! we have a baby!" It happened so quickly that we all missed the birth.

Liz was the first one in the field and this is what she saw. Star is the mom on the right. The baby is on the ground right under her nose.
Melody (on the left) is our other mom-to-be.

First moments after birth. She's a little clone of Star!

My mom carrying Sacajawea to the barn. Star followed closely behind.
Through the whole thing, Star was wonderful. She let Liz and my mom do everything they needed to do. Star looked so proud of her baby.

Trying to nurse...oops...missed!

Saying hi. She acts like she's always been here.
She is only 2 hours old in this picture!

Giving Lizzie a kiss.

Up and running around!

We are not sure what color she is yet.
She looks like a dark fawn, but we see hints of Rose Grey in there too.
She takes after her mom with her facial markings.

Admiring and enjoying this new little life on the farm.

We will continue to post pictures to the blog to keep everyone updated.
We ask for privacy for the next few days and weeks while our little girl gets used
to the farm. Now we have to keep our eyes on Melody!

On a personal note, this baby means a lot to us. My grandmother was very excited about all of this and she passed away just before the herd came to the farm.
She asked that we name a baby girl Sacajawea.
My grandmother was a girl scout leader for many, many years and the local Girl Scout camp is named Camp Sacajawea. So the cria's name is in her honor.

Well MomMom, we got our girl. I hope you can see her.



  1. Congratulations! She is a cute little thing and I know your grandmother would be so proud!

  2. Congratulations! She is beautiful! What a lovely tribute!

  3. So cute! And I love the meaning behind her name.

  4. You must be breathing a sigh of relief to have one born and all is well. Good luck with Melody.