Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday Yarn Along

I'm late on this today, but better late than never right???
My boys had their last day of school today so from now until September, life will be a bit upside down for me. Oh yeah, and I'm throwing a new baby into the mix. So I'm going to do my best at keeping up with the Wednesday Yarn Alongs! Every knitter's yarn along that I follow also include the book that they are reading for the week. I read like a lunatic. How I have managed to not include the book I am reading with my knitting is beyond me! So from now on, I will include the book that I'm reading this week.

On Leanne's Needles:

Clapotis Shawl

I'm not sure how to pronounce the name of this project...BUT I do know that it is beautiful when complete. I bought this yarn at the Four Brooks Farm booth at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. I was looking for that last special purchase and this was it. When it is complete, it will have rows of dropped stitches that create a beautiful open light design. I can see myself wearing it while I nurse my new little man.

The book is Astrid and Veronika by Linda Olsson
I inhaled this book. I read it in less than two days and couldn't put it down.

Off Andee's Needles:

Another Teddy Bear!

Meghan's Teddy Bear
Ravelry Public Link

Made with Plymouth Suri Merino
For 3 year old Meghan
I made the eyes with yarn instead of plastic eyes. This was a birthday present for our friend Meghan who is three years old. She has twin brothers who will soon be turning one. I wanted this bear to be able to survive the wrath of toddler boys.

And I have to share the sad state of my knitting bag. I really need to get organized. This bag was given to me by Lizzie as a diaper bag for the new baby. Hmmmm funny how every bag I own eventually ends up holding yarn.

(This picture was taken the other night from my front yard. I love the clouds.)

Happy Knitting to All!


  1. I want to post comments!

  2. Your back yard looks like Big Sky Country.

    Love the bear! So cute! Sounds like a busy, busy summer.

  3. I did it so exciting. I have been trying to post comments for weeks, but have been unable too. So I yelled at my computer enough and presto I can post comments again. Thanks to everyone over the past weeks for their kind words about my projects. Thanks so much, Andee

  4. Love the projects on the needles.

    Although I haven't cast one on yet, I believe it's pronounced : clap-o-tea.

    At least that's the way the lady who's video podcast I watch pronounces it.