Monday, August 27, 2012

Just Keep Knitting....

I have been knitting non-stop. Simple patterns, easy projects, mindless knitting to stock the showroom. It's been fun. Just cast on, with no one in mind and create. I wanted to make a basic hat for a boy. I am a fan of natural colors. Nothing crazy, not a lot of fussiness for boy's hats. I feel like once they hit the age of 5 or 6, you can't do too much or they look dorky.

So, here's my warm, cozy, "cool guy" alpaca hat.

Knitted with double strands of our All Natural Eco Baby Alpaca yarn.

Garrett was my model. He's not a fan of getting his picture taken, so this was a rare occurrence. 
In fact, I had to pay him a dollar to let me take the pictures. Worth every cent.

This is our last week of summer.
Boys are headed off to school next Wednesday.
I'm really not looking forward to it.
These guys are good company (most of the time)!!


  1. Tell Gman he did a great job modeling the hat! It looks so cozy.

  2. He is so handsome! I like the hat too :)